The Couples Group One consists of Jessica & Aaron (See The Couples Group Page). For Legal Reasons we cannot give you their last names. Jessica and Aaron are part of The Couples Group, who left their friends alone to be together, allowing for the Pentatonic Group to form

Aaron and Jessica's relationship began under mysterious circumstances, and only a select few know all the details, and the true story. Two variations of the story include:

-Jessica was in a relationship with a then Fourteen Year Old, Brandon. While in this relationship, she began to develop feeling for another: Aaron. While still in a relationship with Brandon, she began to 'Sext' with Aaron, which was, of course, kept a secret from Brandon. This had lasted for a few months, until Brandon had recieved an 'anonymous' letter in Maths Class, informing him of the situation. After this, he talked to Aaron, while an anxious Jessica was waiting, and told him he knew of the relationship. Then, he severed all ties with Jessica, allowing her to be with Aaron, a relationship kept secret for a period of weeks, until the truth was revealed. Ever since, they have been openly dating, and formed the Couples Group.

-The second variation, and the less probable, states that Brandon had given Jessica permission to date Aaron, while the public was under the impression that she was dating Brandon. The story continues, same as the first variation, with sexting over a period of months. Then, Brandon had recieved the 'Anonymous' letter, telling him of the severity of the secret relationship. After this, he talked to Aaron, and the rest continues as the first variation had.

The relationship began under bad circumstances, no matter which variation you choose. The relationship continues to this day, and the participants of the relationship still do not socialise with, acknowledge or mention their friends very much, only talking to the other couple (See The Couples: Group Two), and other assorted people. In increasingly rare situations, the people in Couples Group One talk to their forgotten friends in the Pentatonic Group (See Pentatonic Group Page).

Almost every Recess & Lunch break, Couples Group One enters the Music Recording Room, a soundproof room, and listen to 'Aaron practising guitar'. Nobody except the other couple (Couples Group Two) knows what happens in that room, however, they would not reveal the truth.

Pictures will be put up with the Couples' permission.