The Couples:Group Two is a couple, consisting of Michael and Sharlene, members of the Couples Group. This couple entered their relationship with good intentions, and in a emotionally healthy way. The only downfall in the beginning of their relationship is that Travis, a member of the Pentatonic Group, asked Sharlene if she would date him, and she said 'Yeah, Alright.'

The Relationship lasted a week, then, under mysterious circumstances, somebody had told Sharlene's mother, who did not approve of her daughter being in relationships. After this, Travis had to break up with Sharlene, and to this day, his feelings still remain.

A short period of time later, Michael and Sharlene commenced their relationship, knowing it was forbidden [both Michael and Sharlene are not allowed to be in relationships.]

In the beggining of their relationship, they kept the fact that they were dating a secret, only confiding in a few people, one of them being me, ScottTheAwesome. However, as they became more close, they could not keep their relationship a secret, and, while rumours were circulating that they were dating, they joined the Couples Group, which then was only Jessica and Aaron, Couple Number One. This caused speculation through the early members of the Pentatonic Group, who then realised that Michael and Sharlene were dating, thus bonding together, after losing more of their friends to the Couples Group, and then they became the Pentatonic Group (See Pentatonic Group).

Michael and Sharlene's relationship had already lasted longer than Travis & Sharlene's relationship, and they continue to only socialise with their friends on rare occasions, while their friends look forward to hearing from them.

After joining the Couples Group, they were struck with what ScottTheAwesome calls 'The Couples Virus'. According to him, all couples in the group have been infected with this deadly strain, which affects the heart (Metaphorically, not the organ), and the brain, as well as the windpipe. For More Information, See 'The Couples Virus' Page.