The Couples Group are a group of people who the awesome people from the Pentatonic Group used to always hang out with, until they all paired up, and left us alone, and isolated, which is the main reason that we formed this group.

The Couples have a Wiki called THE ULTIMATE DYBALL WIKI. We used to use that Wiki, however, ScottTheAwesome, the co-creator of the sport Ultimate Dyball, got booted from it because he glitched their chatroom via a Spambomb.

The People of the Couples Group can be commonly found in the Music Recording Room at [Censored] High School during Recess and Lunch breaks. Do you not think that it is sad that they do not even socialise with their old friends? The Couples Group left us isolated, and allowed us to evaluate our relationships. It was AWESOME.

It is alright that the people in the Couples Group paired up, however, the fact that they left many of us isolated, alone, and saddened is a severely bad one. Hurting your friends like that is harsh.

The Couples Group consists of:

Jessica- Username: Iismouse

Aaron- Username: Toma-Hawk...

Michael- Username: Michael.I[Censored]

Sharlene -Username: Xoxicecreamxoxprincessxox

and others. The order they are in are the order of the couples. Jessica is in a relationship with Aaron, and Sharlene is in a relationship with Michael.

The main reason of this article, besides informing nobody about the Couples Group is to tell you, the reader, that if you enter a relationship, it is fine, there is nothing wrong with it. But don't leave your friends behind. If you already have, then you are a sad excuse for a decent human being.