The Couples Virus

A Microscopic View of the destructive Couples Virus

'The Couples Virus' is a non-existant virus first mentioned by ScottTheAwesome on 4/11/11. The Couples Virus is said to affect the Heart (Metaphorically), the Brain, and the Windpipe. There is no cure, except for talking to friends, however, this is an almost impossible situation.There are some reasons to believe that it is contagious to certain people.

The Couples Virus affects:

-The Heart (Metaphoric). The Virus rages inside the heart of the host, corrupting it, and making them feel mixed emotions, and also making them feel that their friends do not need to be talked to, recognised, and that they should be ignored at least 80% of the time.

-The Brain. The Brain is affected by this virus as it decomposes the Brain Matter, decreasing the need to do anything but stay with their partner, slowly descending into a state of comatose. The Brain is also turned against people who have been nothing but friends and allies to them, and it is speculated that it enduces a state of paranoia, which means that they seek comfort from their partner, and do not trust anyone else.

-The Windpipe. The Couples Virus affects the Windpipe against the will of the user, preventing them from talking to friends, even if they wanted to. For Example, if a Person in the couples group decided to talk to their friends, which would threaten the wellbeing of their mind, controlled by the virus, thus breaking the hold of it, their windpipe siezes shut, just as they open their mouth, preventing them from talking to their friends, and breathing. There are no recorded cases of death because of this. Because the Windpipe siezes up, and one of the only ways to break the hold of the subtle virus is to talk to forgotten friends, it is considered that there is no cure.

The Virus is very destructive to the mental state of the carrier, as it multiplies in cells, taking control of them, and then spreads to other cells, not destroying them, instead taking control of them, and utilising the body functions of the carrier, which means that after a small amount of time, the Couples have no control over their body.

The Table Below shows the attention payed to friends in seconds over the time span of six months. Each couples seconds of attention are added together.

Amount of Attention payed to friends after being infected with the Couples Virus
Couple Month One Month Two Month Three Month Four Month Five Month Six Total Decrease Of:
Couple 1- Aaron & Jessica 60000 secs 20000 secs 600 secs 100 secs 10 secs 0.75 secs 59999.25 secs
Couple 2- Michael & Sharlene 55099 12500 secs 400 secs 120 secs 3 secs 1 secs 55098 secs

As it can be seen, the amount of seconds of attention payed to friends rapidly decreases. This table also shows that Month One is the development period of the Virus, then towards Month Three, the Virus makes a serious impact on the couples, showing this is the end of the development stage. In Month Four, the Virus spreads, in Five, the virus completely changes the person. however, because of their deteriorating mental condition, they are not aware. In Month Six, the virus has caused irreversable damage, and friends are almost forgotten. To Show in a more simple fashion:

Month One: Development Stage of Virus

Month Two: Virus is fully developed

Month Three: Virus finishes developing, and begins to make an impact.

Month Four: The Virus spreads throughout the body.

Month Five: The Virus takes its toll on the carriers brain, and they do not know what has happened.

Month Six: Virus causes irreversable damage, and friends are forgotten.